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Crank & Cam Grinding Wheels

Excellent Free Cutting Dual purpose for roughing and finishing main and rod journals.

CBN & Conventional Valve Refacer

Coming in April 2020. Breakthrough technology. 21st century valve grinding for all materials.

Super Abrasive CBN Flywheel Grinding

I refined the development of this product in 1999. My product revolutionized Flywheel Grinding. It literally took the market by storm. 

Available in 6, 5, 3-3/4, 3, and 2 inch diameters. This product is truly 21st Century Flywheel Grinding.

21st Century  CBN Rod/Main Cap Grinding

 Sunnen, Delta Custom Tool and other Popular Grinders. Cuts Fantastic, Consistent Stock Removal. No Dressing Required, No Abrasive Dust Grit Mess. Cleaner Work Area, Cleaner Air, Cleaner Cuts. Consistent Smooth Surface Finishes. Caps register Tighter for Consistent ID’s after Torqueing. No Large Peaks and Valleys from Grinding stone Finish. Your ONLY Regret will be not buying it TODAY.


CBN / PCD Milling Inserts

Premium High Grade Quality Inserts. Designed for today’s high demand production use. You’ve tried some now use the best.

Send your business card with inserts to address above for quick sharpening service.

Segmented Surface Grinding

Premium Grade Surfacing Segments for today’s hard to grind materials especially diesel applications.

Salt & Pepper, Ruby, Black Silicon Carbide mixtures.

Half Salt/Pepper and Black segment sets are more durable/tougher for heavy duty cast iron diesel head and blocks. All Black sets have always worked well on many applications just not as tough as a mixed set.

Shop Supplies

Buy General Shop Supplies direct from the manufacturer.

Valve Seat Stones, Cylinder & Rod Hones, Valve Seat Wheel Holders, Sioux Valve Guide Pilots. Many Other Products Available.

Call 760-246-4777 

Diamond Plated Ring Filer

This high end ring filer fits Total Seal, Goodson, And ABS Ring Grinders with 5/16″ shaft. They will fit the older ring grinders also by simply bushing the arbor hole to 1/4″. I purposely made the arbor hole slightly smaller and requires honing the arbor hole for a slide on shaft fit. I did because the shafts on these machines are not consistent. By doing it this way it eliminates some run out.

I took this ring filer one step further I made slight thicker for more mass and plated the outside diameter so the operator can use the diameter to touch off tools.

Total Seal, Goodson, ABS & Proform Ring Grinders.

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